Substance Use Treatment

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Target Population

Homeless mothers, children, and families within the supportive housing program and women with extensive backgrounds of homelessness, poverty, and trauma suffering from co-occurring disorders. All of the women are referred for treatment by their case managers, child protection workers, or adult probation and are diagnosed with substance use and mental health disorders.


Perspectives is a licensed outpatient substance use treatment program, offering groups four days a week, both afternoon and evenings. Staff consists of licensed substance abuse counselors and mental health professionals. The curriculum for groups is trauma-informed and offers various focus topics, such as relapse prevention, self-care, emotional skills, and trauma processing. Additional components include one-to-one substance use counseling, peer recovery coaching, and individual and family therapy.

2018 Program Objectives

  • 75% of women living in Perspectives’ Supportive Housing Program will have a mental health assessment.
  • 100% of women living in our supportive housing will participate in a services/treatment plan.
  • 75% of women living in our supportive housing who participate in Perspective outpatient treatment program will complete program.
  • 70% of women living in our supportive housing will test negative for drug use.

2017 Program Statistics

  • Total women served: 73

  • Hours of mental health therapy provided to adults: 1,446

  • Hours of chemical use outpatient treatment: 1,712

Associated Activities:

  • Mental Health Assessments: Diagnosis and recommendations for treatment interventions based on individual needs and personal goals.
  • Individual and Family Psychotherapy: Trauma-informed treatment planning and progress-monitoring of targeted emotional goals.
  • Group Psychotherapy: Groups available to women include Support and Relapse Prevention, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Healing Generations, Seeking Safety/Beyond Trauma, Healing through Writing, and A Woman’s Way through the 12 Steps.
  • Chemical Health Outpatient Treatment: A dual-diagnosis state-licensed program providing chemical health assessments, four weekly treatment groups, one-on-one sessions with a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, mental health group therapy, and individual therapy.