Stories of Hope

The women and children we serve at Perspectives have experienced numerous traumas that have left them in despair, with little hope for a new life. Our model is designed to create a path to healing. Through our multi-disciplinary team of chemical and mental health professionals, women work with case managers to design their program-life plan, one that incorporates methods of healing from their trauma so that they can move on to a promising future – free from addiction and mental illness. Here are some amazing success stories.



Yolanda's Story of Hope

"When I walked into the apartment that was fully furnished and was so beautiful, I just fell to my knees and I cried. I just couldn’t believe this was mine."
Today, Yolanda is an employee of Perspectives, but when she arrived in 2013, she had already spent a lifetime battling her addiction.  At the age of 37, she found herself pregnant and terrified of losing her son to child protection. When she was finally tired enough and hit her rock bottom, that is when she came to Perspectives. Yolanda understood the gift she had been given and took full advantage of all that Perspectives has to offer. Yolanda’s story of hope is one to inspire!


Angel's Story of Hope

Angel's mother’s addiction forced her to grow up very fast and become the primary caregiver for herself and her sisters. Recreational pot and alcohol opened the door to an oxycontin addiction that eventually landed her in court with a felony theft charge. After pleading with the judge to not throw her in jail but help her find treatment, she found Perspectives. Hear how the birth of her daughter and the team of professionals at Perspectives gave her a safe space to begin to heal.



Laura's Story of Hope

"Before coming to Perspectives I was a mess. I couldn’t stay out of jail for the life of me. I was trying my hardest to get to where we needed to be but I didn’t have the tools or even know what tools to get us anywhere. I felt totally stuck."

Laura’s and her girlfriends are in junior high and they begin to experiment like so many other young people do. They sneak their parents’ alcohol and fill the bottle back up with water. Alcohol leads to pot and eventually pot leads to smoking meth. She is still able to function until the age of 21 at which point she takes her drug use to another level. At the age of 23, she finds herself addicted, pregnant, selling drugs and eventually lands in jail. Watch how Laura comes to Perspectives and finds the tools and resources she needs to write her own story of hope.



Bernice's Story of Hope

The oldest of five siblings, Bernice did all she could to be a parent to her brothers and sisters. With her mother gone and her father out for long periods of time, it was not long before the children ended up in foster care. Sexual abuse in foster care led to prostitution at the age of 14 and prostitution led to a drug habit just so she could forget. Her life was so full of pain and trauma, she tried to kill herself and ended up in a psychiatric ward. It was here that she heard about Perspectives and her life began to turn around. 



Vivian's Story of Hope

Gina's Story of Hope

Shanita's Story of Hope

Delanda's Story of Hope