Parenting Time

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Target Population

Children who are at-risk to be traumatized through their parents’ inability to formulate a safe visitation with noncustodial parent; families are referred through the Family Court system for supervised visitation.


Our Parenting Time Program provides a trauma-informed environment for children whose parents are court-ordered to have supervised or monitored visitation and exchanges, fostering the opportunity for parent and child to reunite. A vital resource to the Hennepin County Court Services, as there is no other agency within Hennepin County that provides this critical service to family court system.

Parenting Time Payments

Do you take part in the Perspectives Parenting Time Program? If you do, you can make a payment here.

2018 Program Objectives

  • 100 children will be provided monitored visitation, supervised visitation, or exchanges with noncustodial parent.

  • 150 parents will be provided monitored visitation, supervised visitation, or exchanges.

  • 90% of parents will report being satisfied/highly satisfied with services.

  • 60% of parents will report significant increase in parenting skills.

2017 Program Statistics

  • Total families served: 76

  • Total children served: 105

  • Total adults served: 153

  • Sessions of supervised visitation: 747

  • Sessions of child exchange: 447

Associated Activities:

  • Supervised, Trauma-informed Visitation: Provided by trained staff.

  • Weekend Hours: Saturday and Sunday availability.

  • Family Kitchen: Program kitchen and dining area for parents to prepare meals and eat together with their children.

  • Responsive Classroom Approach: Implemented to foster positive attitudes and build citizenship.

  • Separate Private Meeting Areas: Safe and secure family room environment for children to be with parents.

  • Child Exchanges: Safe, secure supervised child exchanges between parents.

  • Parent Coaching: Parenting Curriculum© specifically designed for parents in conflict.

  • Children’s Mental Health Counselor: Provides intake for children before their first meeting with noncustodial parent (if needed).