Our Story


Empowering Mothers. Rebuilding Families.

Founded in 1976, Perspectives, Inc. is an award-winning human service agency that addresses our community's core issues around homelessness; racial disparity, poverty, trauma, mental and chemical health issues, and nutrition.

Our founders and leadership recognize the unique and essential relationship between a mother and child, as well as the societal consequences when disrupted. Therefore, the rebuilding and strengthening of the mother and child relationship became the cornerstone of our programs.

Our story involves the realization that when a woman’s life has been a cycle of inequity, addiction, trauma, and poverty, the chances of her visiting this same cycle upon her children is extraordinarily high. However, over the decades we have shown that by removing barriers to resources such as supportive housing, case management, trauma-informed chemical and mental health services and children’s intervention programs the opportunity to break the cycle dramatically increases.

We take a strength-based approach, recognizing each family member and their inherent worth, dignity and potential. By providing a safe and supportive environment where individuals can learn from past choices and explore their strengths and possibilities, we create an environment for change.

Over the decades our programs have served to rebuild thousands of lives. Throughout this time, we remain committed to the belief that when a mother is empowered by the human spirit, hope within her awakens - and a cycle breaks.  

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