Pre-K Every Day Early Learning Program


Your child is learning every moment of every day.

At Kids Connection, we create experiences that support a child’s healthy development. Children learn and grow through intentional teaching practices and Learning Centers that promote social-emotional, language and literacy and cognitive development.

Our project and research-based curriculum features exploration and discovery as a way of learning.

At Kids Connection your child will:

  • Develop confidence, creativity and lifelong critical thinking skills

  • Be supported academically through investigations that reinforce skills in literacy, math and arts

  • Build relationships with other children and adults that are positive and rewarding

Kids Connection Learning and Development Program

Monday-Friday 3:30am-6:00pm

Dinner and snacks are provided. Transportation is provided. There is no fee for eligible children.

Want to learn more?

To learn more about Pre-K Every Day, please contact Cecelia Doyle at (952) 405-2517 or