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Chef Paschell Wilson

New Face. New Focus.

Perspectives is thrilled to announce the hire of Paschell Wilson as our Cargill Kids Cafe Director and Chef Instructor!

Perspectives and Paschell see this role as a perfect fit for our organization and her. Paschell came to Perspectives with more than 25 years of combined culinary instruction, executive chef, and non-profit work. She holds a Master’s degree in Family and Human Development, Child Life Specialist, along with an early childhood education degree from Arizona State. Paschell is passionate about uplifting children and families and sees nutrition and culinary education as an ideal pathway to build community and offer families crucial life skills that empower them towards health and self-sufficiency.

Paschell is vibrant and driven. Talk to her for a few minutes and you’re likely to care more about the food you eat and more hopeful about how food and nutrition can bring families together to heal and grow. Her commitment to families began with her own. Twenty years ago, she volunteered in her daughter’s classes. Paschell was inspired to give more when she observed a lack of parents engaging in their children’s education.

She volunteered and offered nutritional education at several family-focused non-profits and shelters while continuing to expand her culinary knowledge by working with and learning from chefs around the country. Paschell says her goal has always been to “give back her knowledge in a healthier environment. I’ve been looking for this job. I’ve wanted a place where I could empower and support at-risk populations through nutrition.”

Paschell is motivated about the potential for Kids Cafe to empower families. She says that she is excited by the ideas, vision, and passion of Perspectives’ staff and wants to support our mission of providing healing and hope for families.

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When asked about how she sees Kids Cafe growing in the future, Paschell shared, “There is unlimited potential for what we can do. A commercial/teaching kitchen provides an amazing opportunity for people to gain job skills and certifications. The culinary field is an easy field to enter. Perspectives can support our mothers through education and partnerships to help them find new employment opportunities.” She also hopes to partner with more chefs and catering programs to provide increased educational and enrichment opportunities for our children.

In her short time here, Paschell is already finding new avenues to strengthen and activate our community. And, she’s helping our community explore new foods, menus and ways of sharing food. When asked how she gets people to try new foods, she says that her motto is, “Don’t yuck on my yum. If you don’t like something, you can say it’s interesting, or it’s not for you. But let other people decide if they like it. I try to get everybody to try something at the same time. That way, they can all have their individual experience…..The best way to get kids to try something is to have them cook it.”

Paschell’s creativity and understanding show up in daily moments that she’s building with our children, families, and staff. She wants our kids to have open minds and hearts to all the potential that life holds for them. This begins with the food they cook and eat.