Kids Cafe

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Target Population

Homeless and at-risk children kindergarten through eighth grade who reside in St. Louis Park, both at our housing campus and within the larger community.


Perspectives Kids Cafe, is a licensed commercial kitchen/dining classroom, provides integrated services to homeless and low-income families and children for the purpose of improving access to nutritious food. Our program is designed to increase healthy food consumption for children while providing hands-on nutrition curriculum that addresses healthy food choices. In addition, we provide parent engagement, access to low-cost nutritious foods, and we continue each year to expand services and reach more families.

2018 Program Objectives

  • 6,400 USDA-approved, healthy dinners will be served after school.
  • 8,000 healthy snacks will be provided
  • 1,100 healthy summer breakfasts will be served
  • 1,600 healthy summer lunches will be served.

2017 Program Statistics

  • Total number of USDA-approved meals served: 8,722

  • Total number of USDA-approved snacks: 7,636

  • Breakfasts: 1,331

  • Lunch: 1,434

  • Dinner: 5,957 (students), 350 (parents)

Associated Activities:

  • Chef/Teacher: Perspectives employs a full-time chef who is also a licensed teacher to work with students each evening to prepare meals, teach nutrition, and enjoy a family-style dinner together.
  • Providing Healthy Meals and Nutrition: Daily nutritious (USDA-approved) meals and snacks are provided five days a week under the review of a registered dietitian.
  • Learn Healthy Cooking: Professional chefs from around the Twin Cities volunteer to teach culinary skills to students on a weekly basis.
  • Nutrition Education: Kids Cafe’s Chef and our registered dietitian educate students on making healthy food choices.
  • Ongoing positive adult mentoring by community volunteers: Community volunteers serve as tutors, mentors, kitchen helpers, chefs, recreation coaches, and table companions.
  • Social Skills: Students learn how to set tables, clean up, and use proper etiquette when sharing a meal.