Darla’s Story


It all started when…

Darla knew she needed to make a real change or, “I wouldn’t be here much longer.”

She started abusing substances when she was 11 years old. After 30 years of addiction and a homeless crisis, Darla desperately wanted to choose a different path. She longed to offer her grandchildren hope and stability. But, she also knew that she was about to face the hardest battle of her life. At this pivotal moment, she was referred to Perspectives.

At Perspectives, Darla gained a community of support who persevered with her on her path to recovery and helped her reassemble the pieces of her life. Perspectives provided her a stable apartment through Supportive Housing. “I’d been to multiple treatment centers. But, Perspectives gave me my first home in many years. I’ve never been to a place like Perspectives.” Darla took advantage of the opportunity to meet with case managers and was active in Perspectives’ chemical and mental health support groups. She joined into the community of recovering women and wanted the benefits of sober life. Darla was sober for a year and half. Then she slipped.

Darla’s relapse snuck into her mind and life through complacency. She stopped taking her methadone treatment. She overdosed twice. But Darla got back up. “Perspectives stood by my side without giving up on me. This is a big reason why I’m sober.” Darla says that at this critical time, there were two personalities inside of her. There was the addict that would do whatever it needed to do to get its fix. And, there was Darla’s true spirit who knew she wanted to get clean and be reunited with her grandchildren. “I was able to let Perspectives know where my head was and get the help that I needed. Everybody was on top of it. I had so much love and support through that.”


Darla recommitted herself to her treatment and working through her addiction. Darla says, “If I didn’t have Perspectives, I wouldn’t be here today. Now I know I’m capable……I didn’t get sober because of my grand kids but they were a part of it. I want to be the change. I want my grand kids to be the change. I wanted to break the cycle.” Darla sees her life changing as she opens herself to new opportunities and continues to live without drugs and alcohol. “I’m doing a good job. I’m doing it. These kids are healthy minded. They have stability.”

Darla has been sober for over two and half years. She has custody of both her grandchildren who take part in Perspectives’ Kids Connection program. Darla and her support community laugh with joy about her granddaughter’s strength in asking for what she needs. Darla’s grandson plays football. Her goal is to eventually become a recovery coach, sharing with other women that freedom from addiction is possible. “I want to help people. People told me I would never be sober. The most surprising thing about this is I did it.”