A learning opportunity in Public Health

photo courtesy of HRSA Maternal & Child Health

photo courtesy of HRSA Maternal & Child Health

The Perspectives Kids Cafe is known for its healthy, nutritious meals. It takes a well-trained staff and volunteers to make sure that the dozens of children that come through Perspectives each day are feed and educated in nutrition each day. Now, two students from the University of Minnesota Coordinated Master’s Program have been able to complete a rotation for their dietetic internship thanks to the experience in Kids Cafe.

Samantha and Jessica worked closely with Chef Dan Tobias-Kotyk and dietitian Kay Guidarelli and were able to observe and take part in the daily routine in our Kids Cafe to see how nutrition and healthy lifestyles are brought to life through our programs. Not only did they see how daily snacks and dinners were prepared and served to dozens of children, but they were able to see how the mothers in Perspectives programming learned new recipes and techniques along with discussing how to make healthy food choices at home.

Read more about Samantha and Jessica’s experience here: https://mchb.hrsa.gov/training/hi-nutrition-2019.asp

Jeffrey Martin