Minnesota homeless population reaches a record high number

An article from the March 21, 2019 StarTribune shows that homelessness is on the rise in Minnesota, based on a recently published report from Wilder Research. Similarly, children age 17 or younger with parents comprise 32% of the overall homeless population. According to the Wilder Foundation report, these numbers have remained steady, but children and youth are the most disproportionally affected groups of homelessness, relative to their population, in Minnesota.


Homelessness is a symptom of a larger problem. For many the issue is directly related to chemical and mental health challenges. For almost 30 years Perspectives has provided complete wrap around services for homeless, recovering mothers and their children.

Take a moment and hear directly from one of our mothers how Perspectives provider her with the tools to address her addiction and permanently leave homelessness. Then consider a gift of any size so that we continue to empower mothers and rebuild families.

Jeffrey Martin